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We have a wide variety of models. who would like for your design team and yourself to come up with a design thats easy on the eye and would attract lot of traffic. they are purely for inspirational purposes

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Evo Models: promoters agency in Dubai

We welcome you on behalf of the management and associates of Evo Models, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Evo Models, promoters in Abu Dhabi and Dubai has served the fashion, advertising, media and entertainment industry longer than any other agency in Dubai. Today, Evo Models promoters in Dubai continues to offer top quality models and outstanding events to Dubai and the UAE.

Evo Models takes young people under their guidance and helps them to build their dreams. Creating professional events and promotions, Evo Models has contributed extensively to events by providing cast, hostesses, models, celebrities and a wide range of personnel. In partnership with other companies and events, Evo Models delivers fashion and elegance to events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the UAE. With a reputation for excellence, Evo has delivered some of the most breath-taking experiences ever presented in the UAE.

In our thirty years of operation as promoters for exhibition in Dubai, we've lived and breathed the fast-paced and thrilling world of modelling and promotion. In that time, Evo Models has become one of the most powerful and well known model and promoters agencies in Dubai.

Evo Models is adaptive and responsive to the needs of our customers. With integrity and honesty as part of our mission, we believe that we are in the best position to provide for the needs of the community.

With an eye for detail and constant attention to the specifications of our clients, we arrange rehearsals, choreography, provide hair and makeup artistry and even offer assistants for the backstage aspects of the event. As a model or hostess with Evo Models, you have your finger on the pulse of society in the UAE. Among the most respected and revered agencies in Dubai and the UAE, Evo Models brings excellence to every event in which we participate.


We pride ourselves with a great range of models and talents, as well as crew ranging from photographers, photographic assistants; digital operators and production managers combined with the service of international hair/ make-up and styling artists meaning all areas of production are covered from one side.


Our category of teams include Catwalk models, Class A models, Actors/actresses, Promoters, Hostesses, Registration staff.


Our Services include , Photo shoots, Videography, Corporate events, Entertainment events, Promotions and activations, and many more.


Some of the other Services we provide are Publishing and Printing, Creative, Design and Branding, Packaging and Production.

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