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We pride ourselves with a great range of models and talents, as well as crew ranging from photographers, photographic assistants; digital operators and production managers combined with the service of international hair/ make-up and styling artists meaning all areas of production are covered from one side.


  • Yulia

  • Yana

  • Violet

  • Tina

  • Soha Fahs

  • Sabina Askerova

  • Rania Gamal

  • Olga

  • Maria

  • Mahsa Yousefi

  • Machita Alina

  • Lana

  • Kathy

  • Helya Vitvall

  • Anastasiia

  • Alicia



  • Bruno

  • Iranian model

  • kamal Shadmaniyan

  • Eugene

  • Antoine

  • Amar


Evo Models - Our Models

Your event will be the hit of the season. The stage is set to make your company and your business sparkle. The show is coming up quickly and all that is missing is the hiring of the models. In Abu Dhabi,Evo Models has the models that you require for any event, as well as crew and assistants to help you with an event of any size.

We take great pride in the wide range of models and talented crew that we offer. From Photographic Assistants, digital operators, hair stylists, makeup artists, and photographers, to the models themselves, Evo Models has the skilled professionals that you require to make any event a success.

Evo Models can even provide you with production managers so that every area of your event is covered down to the smallest detail. Whether you're seeking Arabic models in the UAE, European models in Dubai or Abu Dhabi models, Evo Models brings you top class talent.

Our models are specially trained and carefully selected to be able to turn the heads of even the most discriminating client. Evo Models brings you talent that is fit to grace the toughest catwalk available. Your event will be perfect in every detail. From Arabic models to Dubai Russian models, Evo Models provides a broad range of skilled and talented professionals to your business or event.

Models are incredibly fit, photogenic and professionally trained to provide a positive and professional image for your business. The success of your event and your business may depend on the kind of talent that you use in your exhibition or your show. We understand the need and the desire to have each exhibition perfect in every detail. Your business is as important to us as it is to you. At Evo Models, we know that when you look good, we look good. Whether you need models for an exhibition booth, a tradeshow or a fashion show, Evo Models can provide you the perfect personnel for any event.

Call or stop in at Evo Models and find out more about what we can do to make your next event sparkle.

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