Things to Keep in Mind before Attending Open Casting Calls


Don’t know what an open casting call is? A casting call is an audition process where people try out for a film, modeling or other type of entertainment performance. In general, an open call means anyone is allowed to show up to audition for roles.When it comes to open casting calls, it is especially crucial to follow the rules in order to put yourself as best in front of others. Let’s check out the tips for attending open casting calls.

Read and Follow all Directions

Make sure you follow all directions before attending a casting call. Check out the website and follow the instructions for an agency’s open casting call. By following the instructions, it will put you ahead and make things much smoother for the agency.

Dress for Success

Some agency websites give advice as to what male and female models should wear to casting calls. If such information is available, follow it very carefully. Arrive with your hair out of your face and a clean complexion with little or no makeup.

Always be Early

Each modeling agency has its casting calls on certain days of the week. If you are planning to visit more than one agency, and then make sure that you have to be on the right casting call at the right time.

Show Positive Attitude

The casting call is for you to shine. Showing positive attitude is one of the most important tips in open casting call. So listen to the agency and answer their questions to the best of your ability with your positive attitude.

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